Ranger space helmet

Ranger space helmet is a type of helmet worn by players in Starfield. It helps protect players' head and face against direct and environmental damage.

Last Updated 22 Sep 2023 at 12:27 pm GMT
Starfield Ranger space helmet armors Image
Ranger space helmet
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 40
    • physical 44
    • energy 36
  • Resistance
    • radiation 0
    • thermal 5
    • corrosive 20
    • airborne 5
  • Value 2505
  • Mass 3.2

Where can Ranger space helmet be found?

Currently, the exact location of this helmet is still unknown. But players can acquire it by defeating enemies and stealing some NPC characters or in random containers.

What build is Ranger space helmet good for?

This helmet suits stealth build as it increases its enemy detection range in the compass. It may help them avoid violent builds such as thief, melee, sniper, and demolition builds, as they are not into violent ways of playing.

Is Ranger space helmet good?

Yes, the helmet is good with its given modification, which increases the detection range, damage resistance, and more!

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