Miner Utility Outfit

Miner Utility Outfit is a type of apparel in Starfield. It provides different bonuses to players based stats and resistance. It helps players customize their character and show their identity style.

Last Updated 25 Sep 2023 at 16:19 pm GMT
Starfield Miner Utility Outfit armors Image
Miner Utility Outfit
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 0
    • physical 0
    • energy 0
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 0
    • airborne 0
    • radiation 0
    • thermal 0
  • Value 0
  • Mass 0

Where can Miner Utility Outfit be found?

Miner Utility Outfit still needs to determine where to find its exact location. Players can loot this item from defeated enemies and some NPC characters' inventories.

What build is Miner Utility Outfit good for?

Miner Utility Outfit only adds 5 to health and Oxygen; it does not do much, unlike other packs of armor. If you want to trade it, you can try trader builds, or if you are using it for identity purposes, the pacifist and speech build may suit this as these builds are not into battles; they are more on negotiations.

Is Miner Utility Outfit good?

This outfit adds little damage resistance; using this may not be suitable, especially if the player is on a mission.

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