Mantis Spacesuit

The Mantis Spacesuit combines with the Mantis Space Helmet and Mantis Pack to form the Mantis set. You can find this Armor in Denebola I-b once you embark on the Mantis mission.

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Starfield Mantis Spacesuit armors Image
Mantis Spacesuit
  • Mass 16.2
  • Damage Reduction
    • energy 84
    • electromagnetic 100
    • physical 116
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 0
    • airborne 30
    • radiation 15
    • thermal 15
  • Value 26245

Where can the Mantis Spacesuit be found?

The Mantis Spacesuit can be found in Denebola I-b during the Mantis mission together with the other two parts.

What build is the Mantis Spacesuit good for?

The Mantis Spacesuit is rated as Common and does not have special perks. So you may want to check out our starter build guides to see if this suit will work for your beginner class!

Is the Mantis Spacesuit good?

The Mantis Spacesuit has good Physical and Electromagnetic resistance. It also has some cool abilities when paired with the pack and helmet.

The Mantis Spacesuit is slightly heavier than other Common spacesuits. Its mass is at 16.20, which may affect your build when combining it with other helmets and packs. However, it is also highly valuable. If sold, it can fetch up to 26,245 credits.

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