High School Backpack

High School Backpack is a pack worn by players in Starfield. It increases resistance to all environmental hazards such as thermal, corrosion, airborne, and radiation.

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Starfield High School Backpack armors Image
High School Backpack
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 10
    • airborne 10
    • radiation 10
    • thermal 10
  • Value 803
  • Mass 4.8
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 32
    • physical 28
    • energy 30

Where can High School Backpack be found?

High School Backpack can be found in New Atlantis, Jemison. To get this item players must choose The Kid Stuff traits in character creation.

What build is High School Backpack good for?

High School Backpack can restore additional health and heal quickly. It may suit melee and demolition builds that are into combat; this can help restore additional health for players after a rigorous battle.

Is High School Backpack good?

High School Backpack increases resistance to all environmental hazards such as thermal, airborne, corrosion, and radiation. It may be a suitable pack, especially for beginners. However, it will add to your spacesuit weight as it is a little heavy, weighing 4.8.

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