Groombridge V-a

Groombridge V-a is a moon in the Groombridge system. It is orbiting the Groombridge V planet and provides 3 resources.

Last Updated 06 Dec 2023 at 04:16 am GMT
sp Groombridge V-a moons Image
Groombridge V-a
  • FloraNone
  • AtmosphereNone
  • FaunaNone
  • Star SystemGroombridge
  • TypeIce
  • Gravity0.05 g
  • MagnetosphereNone
  • WaterSafe
  • PlanetGroombridge V
  • Resources
  • TemperatureDeep freeze

Where is Groombridge V-a?

Groombridge V-a is found in the orbit of Groombridge V in the Groombridge system.

What resources are on Groombridge V-a?

Groombridge V-a has 1 resource:

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