Deepseeker Spacesuit

The Deepseeker Spacesuit is the suit component of the Deepseeker armor set, which also includes the Deepseeker Space Helmet and Deepseeker Pack.

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Starfield Deepseeker Spacesuit armors Image
Deepseeker Spacesuit
  • Damage Reduction
    • physical 78
    • energy 74
    • electromagnetic 82
  • Resistance
    • radiation 30
    • thermal 0
    • corrosive 10
    • airborne 20
  • Value 8585
  • Mass 7.8

Where Can the Deepseeker Spacesuit Be Found?

There is no available information that specifies where the Deepseeker Spacesuit can be found. It may be dropped as loot after defeating enemies, or given as a reward for finishing a mission or reaching a certain level.

What Build Is the Deepseeker Spacesuit Good For?

There are many builds to choose from in Starfield. Take a look at our best starting builds guide and see where the Deepseeker Spacesuit would be a good fit.

Is The Deepseeker Spacesuit Good?

The Deepseeker Spacesuit offers moderate protection despite being of Common Quality. Its Physical, Energy, and Electromagnetic Defense are at 78, 74, and 82, respectively. It also has 20 Airborne, 10 Corrosive, and 30 Radiation Hazard Resistances.

It is also light at only 7.8 in Mass. This means that it can be combined with other powerful and heavier helmets and packs.

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