Deep Recon Pack

Deep Recon Pack is a basic boost pack in Starfield worn by a player in their space adventure.

Last Updated 25 Sep 2023 at 16:07 pm GMT
Starfield Deep Recon Pack armors Image
Deep Recon Pack
  • Damage Reduction
    • energy 38
    • electromagnetic 34
    • physical 30
  • Resistance
    • corrosive 20
    • airborne 0
    • radiation 0
    • thermal 10
  • Value 2280
  • Mass 6.3

Where can Deep Recon Pack be found?

There's no exact location for this pack to be found currently. But players can acquire it by defeating the enemies, buying or stealing from vendors.

What build is Deep Recon Pack good for?

You can check several starting builds from our build list and find out where this pack is good for. It is a basic boost pack and a common pack for beginner players.

However, if you like to trade it, you can try the trader build, or if you're a player who enjoys using weaponry, try melee and demolition build.

Is Deep Recon Pack good?

This pack is suitable for starter players as it has basic boost pack modification. However, there might be better packs for high-level players than this, as it has -15% incoming melee damage.

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