We have minimal details about the CQB-X weapon but it could be a close-quarters combat shotgun that is effective against both armored and unarmored enemies

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    How to get CQB-X in Starfield?

    For the CQB-X location, there is no exact planet or base where you can find this weapon in Starfield.

    Best mods for the CQB-X

    • High-Velocity Barrel: This mod increases the fire rate of the CQB-X, making it even more deadly.
    • Extended Magazine: This mod increases the magazine size of the CQB-X, so you can fire for longer without reloading

    Best background for the CQB-X

    The best background for the CQB-X in Starfield depends on your playstyle and the mods you want to use. However, some backgrounds that are well-suited for the CQB-X include:

    • Technician
    • Scoundrel

    Best Build Type for the CQB-X

    • Saboteur: This build focuses on using the CQB-X's energy damage to debuff enemies
    • Scrapper: This build focuses on using the CQB-X's high damage output to quickly take down enemies

    Where do I find parts for the CQB-X?

    You can find parts for the CQB-X by scavenging on planets and in space stations and by buying parts for the CQB-X from merchants on planets and in space stations.

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