Andromas I

Andromas I is a planet found in the Andromas System. It has no moons and has a thin atmosphere that, combined with an Inferno temperature, prevents flora and fauna from thriving on its surface. It doesn't have a water supply as well. However, explorers can find the following resources when they visit Andromas I: H20, Cl, Ni, Fe, U, Ir, V, and Xe.

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Andromas I
  • Gravity0.51 g
  • Moons
  • AtmosphereThin co2
  • MagnetosphereAverage
  • TypeRock
  • TemperatureInferno
  • SystemAndromas
  • Body TypeRock
  • Resources
  • Orbiting
  • FloraNone
  • FaunaNone

Where Is Andromas I?

Andromas I the first planet in the Andromas star system. In the map, the closest star systems to the Andromas star system are Groombridge, Kumasi, Vegas, and the twin systems Ursae Majoris and Ursae Minoris.

What Is on Andromas I?

Andromas I is a rock planet with no flora, fauna, or water. The planet has H20, Cl, Ni, Fe, U, Ir, V, and Xe as resources for the explorer.

Which Star System Is Andromas I In?

Andromas I is part of the Andromas star system.

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