Algorab I

Algorab I is the first planet in the Algorab star system in Starfield. It has a fiery temperature, has no moons, and provides 3 resources for the player.

Last Updated 18 Sep 2023 at 07:23 am GMT
Starfield Algorab I  planets Image
Algorab I
  • Gravity 0.79 G
  • Atmosphere STD CO2
  • Orbiting 0
  • Fauna 0
  • System Algorab
  • Flora 0
  • Type Rock
  • Body Type Planet

Where Is Algorab I?

Algorab I is located within the Algorab system.

What Is on Algorab I?

You can find no flora, fauna, or water in Algorab I. However, it has three resources: Lead, Uranium, and Iridium.

Which Star System Is Algorab I?

Algorab I is part of the Algorab star system.

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