AA-99 is a type of weapon used by players in Starfield. It is an automatic bulky rifle with powerful 11mm caseless ammunition firing. It is in the middle among the three automatic-fire-capable rifles with 11mm when it comes to fire rate and damage per shot.

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Starfield AR-99 weapons Image
  • Accuracy 65.7
  • Capacity 30
  • Capacity 30
  • Mods 8
  • Mass 3
  • Ammo 11mm Caseless
  • Value 7865
  • Fire Rate 112
  • Physical 17
  • Manufact. Allied Armaments
  • Type Rifle
  • Range 40

How to get AR-99?

The basic and enhanced version of the AR-99 can be randomly found in containers, acquired as loot from defeated enemies, or found within several NPC inventories.

Best mods for AR-99

The best mods for AR-99 are Armor-Piercing Rounds, Hair trigger, High Velocity, and High Powered. The crafting materials of these mods are higher than the other mods, which means they damage the enemies more.

Best background for AR-99

The best background for AR-99 is Beast Hunter, Long Hauler and Soldier as these backgrounds ballistic skills. It boost ballistic weapons damage such as rifle to take down enemies quickly.

Best AR-99 for Rifles and Sniper builds

AR-99 is best for Rifles and Sniper builds as these builds have rifle certification, which means they effectively use rifle weapons to turn down enemies.

Where do I find parts for AR-99

You can find parts for AR-99 in some shops selling it, such as ︎ Aludra Tahan in Kryx, ︎ Antonio Bianchi in Alpha Centauri, ︎ Belle Rowland in Cheyenne, and more…

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