Someone Asked for a Vasco Lego Set - And He Needs Support!



LEGO is a brand known for recreating its versions of other known franchises. It’s so popular that some film companies produce LEGO versions of popular movies. We can’t speak for the popularity of Starfield, but having a LEGO version of a game’s characters could be a step in a positive direction.

We’ve yet to see LEGO officially do something for Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, but if this player’s petition gets some support, we might see something happen in the near future.

User SuperSpruce101 started a LEGO Idea campaign for Starfield’s faithful Constellation Model A robot, Vasco, in October.

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Credit: LEGO

Looking at the page, it has not had the kind of support to get it off the ground, but it managed to gather more than 500 supporters. That’s already half of the 1,000 supporters needed for LEGO to pay attention.

There’s no hurry on this one because there’s still roughly a year remaining or, specifically, 338 days. It might be worth casting our support on this one - no monetary support is needed, unlike Patreon projects. All it needs is your vote.

Vasco has proven to be popular among Starfield’s player base. A fully articulated scale model of Vasco is currently on pre-order from crafts shop Pure Arts, for instance. The collectible's page says this “toy” has about 15 points of articulation.

Bethesda had also partnered with Twitch immediately after Starfield’s release to bring the robot into players’ streaming videos. Vasco will entertain viewers on the players' behalf while they focus on their streamed games.

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