Ship of the Week - Titanic, and a Little Friend

titanic starfield

titanic starfield

The Ship Builder in Starfield has many purposes outside its primary function - upgrading ships. Some use it to bring vessels from their favorite franchises into Bethesda’s newest RPG.

Others use it to practice design skills. Still, some players also use the menu to create ships that pay homage to those that existed.

This week, we’ll be featuring a creation that nods to not just one ship but two! The first ship is the iconic yet ill-fated White Star liner, Titanic. Yes, the one in the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Credit: Reddit/DevilScarlet

The design, however, is not that functional. While the ship flies, the design covers the cockpit. The masts get in the way, leading the builder to comment that if he wanted to use the RMS Titanic as a main ship, he’d have to remove them.

When asked what mods he used to build the ship, DevilScarlet said that he used console commands, particularly when he needed to go beyond the limits of 80 meters in length that the game imposed on Ship Building.

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Credit: Reddit

The Titanic itself is an epic build, but DevilScarlet didn’t stop with that. As mentioned in the title, RMS Titanic has a little companion, and this companion is the equally ill-fated Titan submersible that imploded with all hands on board early this year.

The Titan will follow its bigger sister whenever it goes, and whatever it sails in the galaxy.

ZeniMax Media and its studios, including Bethesda, will undergo a small reorganization as they are integrated into Xbox with the recently acquired Activision Blizzard. Todd Howard, Matt Firor, and the other directors will now report to Jill Braff, who is acting as an intermediary between Matt Booty and ZeniMax.

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