Photo of the Week - The Starborn Conquers Space

starfield starborn ship explodes

starfield starborn ship explodes

The Starborn are the pinnacle of coolness - at least in looks - in the Starfield galaxy. They, after all, are a powerhouse of knowledge and strength that every player should aspire to when they enter the Unity to another universe.

Their armor and ships are also some of the most picture-worthy in the entire Bethesda galaxy. Those sleek lines and shiny suits are superior in quality and appearance compared to any other ship or apparel in Todd Howard’s newest open-world RPG.

Just look at this incredible snap of the Starborn Guardian in battle, courtesy of @morcejo_gaming over in X.

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Credit: X/morcejo_gaming

You rarely see snaps like this because everyone’s too preoccupied trying to survive in a space battle in Starfield. This picture is yet another testimonial to the strength and power of the Starborn Guardian. This player is confident enough to take a few seconds to enter Photo Mode and take a picture in the middle of the battle.

There are three more pictures in @morcejo_gaming’s gallery over on X. You might want to check it out and give them a follow as well. They post new pictures on Elon Musk’s social media website whenever possible.

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