Reddit Users Admit Listening to Logs in the Legacy is ‘Hard’

starfield legacy

starfield legacy

The Legacy is a stranded and derelict ship that Starfield players are required to explore as part of “The Eye of the Storm” quest line. This quest is very difficult, with many threats to the player inside the vessel.

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You could also find audio logs from the Legacy’s now-dead crew, which players can listen to when they find them. These audio logs are the final recordings of the ship’s crew before they ultimately pass away.

For instance, you can find a recording from a crew member named Aguilar explaining how everybody died until it was finally her turn.

You could also find the dead body of a man named Baccara, whom a recording revealed to have lost his mind and locked himself with some food supplies inside a room.

Lastly, they can find a recording of the doomed ship’s Captain Liang expressing her resignation to her ultimate fate: death.

Reddit user Gears_of_Ted posted a thread on the Starfield subreddit, sharing his video recording and admitting that it was difficult to listen to the stories. However, he said he pulled through because he was impressed by the voice acting.

User wallyslambanger agreed, commenting that Bethesda has learned how to combine recordings and scenery to tell a heartbreaking story to the player. Players quickly chimed in, recalling the equally heartbreaking stories told through Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 recordings.

The Eye of the Storm is the penultimate quest involving the Crimson Fleet. This is where the player decides whether he joins the pirates for good or reveals himself as a double agent for the United Colonies working with Commander Kibwe.

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