Ship of the Week - The Bullfrog

frog starfield

frog starfield

There are many inspirations in the real world to take inspiration from when building ships in Starfield. This player, RayzJason, must be a nature lover by heart for him to take inspiration from what we consider the most unlikely of animals - the bullfrog.

We don’t have anything against frogs, but we usually associate frogs with loud, croaking noises by the swamp that we don’t want to hear in the middle of the night. Bullfrogs, being the male of their kind, have the loudest voices of them all.

In any case, we still find it amazing how this Redditor has made his design so faithful to his chosen amphibian, down to the front legs and the skin color.

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Credit: Reddit/RayzJason

Appearances aside, this ship is not to be taken lightly. It uses a 32C reactor, protected by 1190 Shied and armed with particle weapons. When you finally get through the shields, you have 1263 units of hull protection to get through, not that the particle weapons will give you an easy day.

If push comes to shove, the Bullfrog can jump 23 lightyears on a full load of 420 fuel.

We don’t know yet if this ship was built using a modded game, as the Redditor did not respond when asked by a fellow player regarding that concern. In any case, good job, RayzJason!

If you find Starfield less to your liking in its current form, your curiosity would probably be piqued by this discovery of an old version of the star map that alludes to a version in which galactic environmental factors can still affect your space travels.

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