Anakin Skywalker’s Pod Racer Makes It to Starfield

star wars anakin skywalkers podracer

star wars anakin skywalkers podracer

More than a month has passed since its successful release, and you’d think the recreation of iconic Star Wars ships in Starfield would die down eventually - quite the contrary, as some people still do it during their breaks from planet exploration.

The latest addition is the recreation of Anakin Skywalker’s pod racer from Episode I, which has become our Ship of the Week. Check out the image below.

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Credit: Reddit/knaivey

Reddit user naively built this ship and uploaded it to Reddit 3 days ago, where it was immediately met with positive feedback. Some users started quoting Anakin’s lines in Phantom Menace, particularly the “It’s working!” monologue when he tests his Pod Racer for the first time.

We can imagine Todd Howard adding his iconic line: “It just works.”

Unfortunately, he naively didn’t provide any details, not even a short description in his post, on how he built the Pod Racer on the Ship Builder. However, he indicated in a reply to a comment that he took advantage of the overlapping objects glitch.

Keep making those ships in Ship Building and uploading them to social media, explorers! The next ship in our weekly gallery and video may be yours.

As we enter the weekend and prepare for a Starfield marathon, let us all remember the hilarious stuff that the ESRB inadvertently revealed with Starfield's rating before the game was launched.

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Credit: ESRB

Aside from commenting on the game’s violence and displays of bloodshed, the ESRB, in a serious tone, highlighted some of what it considered as “suggestive” dialogue in the game. These include the following quotes:

  • “Life is a sexually transmitted disease that's 100% fatal.”
  • “I'm all for getting a little wild, but next time let's try it without the jetpacks.”

The ESRB also said the swear words “F**K” and “bullsh*t” feature prominently in the game.

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