Starfield The Heart of Mars

starfield the heart of mars ore

starfield the heart of mars ore

In the quest ‘Heart of Mars,’ you will search for a legendary piece of ore. The Heart of Mars is a mythical, large, pure lump of titanium in a cave where those searching for it never return.

How to Unlock the Heart of Mars

Head to Cydonia on Mars in the Sol Star System. Go to the mining section and speak to Laylah Pulaski, who tells you of the fabled Heart of Mars. Ask her about its whereabouts, and she’ll give you the coordinates. Head straight from the entrance of Cydonia down into the mining section. She'll be working near the front on the left side.

starfield the heart of mars laylah location
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Starfield: Heart of Mars

Finding the Heart of Mars

Once you get the coordinates for the Heart of Mars from Laylah, open the Mars planetary map, and you will spot a new location and fast-travel to the area. Be sure to bring your Cutter alongside you! The cave is also extraordinarily damp and difficult to navigate, so bring a torch!

starfield the heart of mars cave dark
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Extracting the Heart of Mars

Once you land in the area, head inside the cave and follow the path until you reach the Heart of Mars. There is no combat here, and it's a simple walk to the ore. You can extract it by using your Cutter. (There is a bug where the ore can spawn out of bounds)

starfield the heart of mars extracting heart of mars with cutter
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Return to Laylah

Head back to Cydonia and talk to Laylah. She is surprised to see you return with the Heart of Mars and will then proceed to admit that it was supposed to be a joke that the miners tell to new miners. She suggests that you keep the Heart of Mars. Finishing the dialogue ends the quest.

starfield the heart of mars return to laylah
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What Can You Do With The Heart of Mars?

Unlike other minerals, the Heart of Mars is not a resource. You can use it as a display for your ship or sell it for credits. The maximum you can get for selling the Heart of Mars is 4462 Credits.

Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100

That concludes the quest - The Heart of Mars. Try the Blast Zone quest in Akila City if you want more mining-related quests.

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