SEDS Links Up With Starfield For This Year’s Space For All Spring Challenge

bethesda starfield seds partnership space for all spring challenge banner
Credit: Bethesda/SEDS

bethesda starfield seds partnership space for all spring challenge banner
Credit: Bethesda/SEDS

George Benson's 'The Greatest Love Of All' best sums up the space race in its first line: “I believe the children are our future.” Starfield and the international student organization Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, or SEDS, are all about that.

SEDS has announced on its official X account that it has partnered with Xbox and its newest space exploration RPG, Starfield, to commemorate this year’s Space For All Spring Challenge.

According to the partners, they are encouraging the newest crop of future space explorers to develop a viable space project that, if accepted, will be completed by 2025.

Participants must use their innate curiosity, creativity, and love for space travel to leverage existing technologies and engage with their STEAM community in conceptualizing their proposals.

Interested teams can now submit their applications and proposal documents to the official SEDS website. The deadline for submission is April 7, and the finalists will be chosen by April 30.

Finalists are expected to achieve their first project milestone between May and September. They’re also likely to present their proposals and progress during the Space Vision summit from October 3 until October 5.

With Microsoft, Xbox, and Starfield behind this endeavor, we’re sure the results will be groundbreaking!

content creators bethesda nasa space camp
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Credit: Bethesda/NASA

This new partnership is reminiscent of the Space Camp that Bethesda undertook with NASA just before Starfield’s launch on September 6, 2023.

In this program, six content creators were given astronaut training in Huntsville, Alabama, and were expected to create content around their experiences in the program.

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