Fans Still Questioning If Anyone Actually Likes Starfield

do people even like starfield

do people even like starfield

Yes, we've all heard this question a million times and are tired of it. But with Starfield being out for so long and the dust finally settling, people have formed informed and firm opinions on the game. One Redditor politely asked, "Does anyone in this “community” actually like the game." We saw a lot of polite and insightful answers, a far cry from the usual fanboy antics. Hooray for internet etiquette, I suppose.

The main complaint was that Starfield falls short if we compare Starfield vs. Skyrim or Starfield vs. Fallout. So what do people think? Many people expressed that they loved the game and still play it regularly. However, two critiques stood out.

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The first was a player complaining, "They tried to make it realistic, but bit off more than the studio could chew." This is a valid critique, as one of the major complaints with Starfield is how vast and empty it is. But as the user points out, trying to fill out ALL of that space and replicate ALL human civilization in space would bloat the game to a ridiculous size. The game's setting was doomed to fail like this when it was announced.

Another person critiqued the game's lack of personality and how Bethesda essentially "intentionally gave us a bland slate of a game so modders can do the work." Many gaming communities often scrutinize Bethesda for having modders do a lot of the work to make their games playable in what is essentially free labor. Many people find this practice disagreeable as it lowers the bar for the quality a AAA release should have and how lenient the fanbase is with Bethesda.

With the release of Starfield, Bethesda has lost a lot of the goodwill fans had for them, and the monetization of Skyrim DLCs has caused a similar blow to their reputation.

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