Players Praise Starfield’s Entangled Questline

starfield entangled

starfield entangled

We’re all aware of mostly negative comments regarding Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG, Starfield. These reviews even made it to mainstream gaming news circles when they pushed the game’s Steam rating down to Mostly Negative from Mixed.

It’s a breath of fresh air when you find something positive about Starfield on the Internet, where everyone seems to be on a hair trigger when talking about Bethesda’s latest space exploration property.

Fortunately, we spotted one on Reddit, where they talk about the Entangled quest line.

The OP expressed his admiration for how the quest was designed and written in the thread. Describing it as “fun,” he lavished his praises on the quest’s horror elements and the time-traveling sections of the mission.

Another user, SnigginsonVanPickyns, said that the time-traveling felt like “a haunted house or something” and agreed that the quest line’s events went well. Nickisadogname responded in the affirmative, stating that the Entangled quest was “one of the only times [they were] surprised and uncertain” while playing Starfield.

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Choosing your surviving universe

However, other users were quick to rain on the parade. Some stated that the quest is overpraised, and the positive feedback proves that the rest of Starfield is poorly designed and needs improvement.

Others compared it to Half-Life, implying that Bethesda may have executed a copy of a mission in that game. User SeriouslySuspect even went as far as to say that Starfield's “derivative” quests are, perversely, the only “halfway good quests” in the game.

In a surprise development, Starfield started the year off with an award. After getting snubbed for Game of the Year at The Games Awards, Starfield received the Most Innovative Gameplay Award for Steam’s 2023 Awards instead.

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