Players React to Starfield Latest Update 1.10.31

vasco approves new starfield update
Credit: Bethesda

vasco approves new starfield update
Credit: Bethesda

This week, Bethesda removed the latest update for Starfield from Steam Beta and made it available to download by all players. This update is noted for being the most sizable patch released yet for the company’s biggest and most successful RPG to date.

Check out the complete list of fixes and issues addressed in our full patch notes.

Once Bethesda announced the update's availability through the Starfield official X account, players brooked no delay and made their feelings about the update, called Update 1.10.31, known to the developer.

While some players appreciated the new facial expressions for Photo Mode, others were less positive about the latest patch. One user, Centauri_48, said he does not need the quality of life updates included in the update.

All he needed, he revealed, was “a more exciting way to explore planets,” including a rover or a means to fly over the planet’s surface slowly.

Another user, Mike Northeast, expressed exasperation at how his NPCs are now exclaiming, “What are we going to do now?” after he installed the update. MatiasMidtendorf, on the other hand, “advised” Bethesda that they only need to fix what he considers a glaring issue: the loading screens.

TheCaptain6645 praised Bethesda for finally fixing the issue with David Barron missing on the Sabotage quest. However, he also poked fun at how it took the studio seven months to bring the NPC back to where he needed to be.

This is only the third update, and according to Bethesda’s Starfield Roadmap for 2024, there will be more. Within the next couple of weeks, the studio can expect to announce the next patch for Steam Beta.

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