Player Moves to NG+ After Main Outpost Becomes Inaccessible



With the nearly boundless possibilities for creativity in outpost building in Starfield, the trend among players is to deck out their compounds with as much decor as they can accommodate. Check out our Outposts of the Week features, and you’ll see what we mean!

One player, however, found out that, for some reason, his main outpost suddenly became unavailable to him. He cannot get any closer than 250 meters before his game crashes, and he’d need to reload a save.

User Mattgyvercom had invested considerable time in his outpost, stating in his Reddit post that he had designed the outpost with a little headcanon in mind. He described the bug as “massively demotivating,” he felt like his time was wasted, making him hesitant to dive into the outpost building again.

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So near, yet so far...

What could have caused this sudden glitch in his game?

In response to another user asking whether he had his scanner on when approaching the outpost, Mattgyvercom stated that his issue was caused by the cargo pads on the outpost or the crates in their attempt to load.

Other users gave advice, including using the console command on the PC to find the glitching pad or crate and then disabling them, but the user is resolute that the base is “too far gone.” However, he admitted that he’ll be more cautious about how huge he builds his next outpost.

This discovery of a bug by a player comes only a few days after another user found himself unable to move forward since the system lists all NPCs as Sarah. He is unable to initiate any dialogue, even to purchase from vendors.

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