Player Lands on Rutherford III and Immediately Gets Attacked

alien starfield

alien starfield

Many say planet exploration in Bethesda’s Starfield is boring and repetitive. Redditor Snoo78119 will probably beg to differ, as he recently had the most exciting moment in his play-through when he landed on the planet Rutherford III.

Usually, when a player lands on a certain area on any planet, there has to be a few minutes of running and boosting before he finds anything crossing his path.

For this player, however, he saw himself attacked by a pack of angry fauna - one of which was an extremely aggressive Sailgator.

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Credit: Reddit
Eat that, Sailgator.

The creatures were so aggressive that Snoo78119 had to pull out his most powerful weapon - the Va’Ruun Terror Inflictor. The Redditor later commented that he rarely uses that weapon as he made his headcanon that the gun’s ammo is scarce after the Colony War.

Looking at the footage, however, it’s likely that he had landed right on top of where the two types of fauna are having a territorial dispute. Near the end of the video, you can see a Sailgator fighting with another creature before running away from the player.

As Snoo78119 said, that was the most exciting 30 seconds of his life, right after he landed and stepped out of his ship!

This latest fan content is reminiscent of a funny video posted on X where a pack of fauna seemingly dances in front of the player. However, the creatures are more likely than not to try to scare the player away from their territory.

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