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starfield ship of the week

starfield ship of the week

Howdy, explorers! It’s Friday again, so we’ll reveal another choice for our periodic Ship of the Week pick. This week, we’re featuring a submission by a community member, a ship called the UC Enterloper.

Our esteemed contributor has declined to reveal his social media usernames or profile for privacy purposes. In any case, take a look at the UC Enterloper below.

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Credit: Anonymous sender

The UC Enterloper is a class-C fighter powered by a C-29 reactor. It is defended by two particle blasters, which can deal 93 and 90 points of damage, respectively. Before damaging the hull, you’ll need to deplete the 2320 Shield units and survive the onslaught of the two particle blasters.

The Enterloper has an impressive jump range of 29 light years, enabling our anonymous contributor to jump to far-away star systems conveniently and quickly.

Despite its formidable appearance and impressive performance, building the UC Enterloper did not require any mod download from Nexus.

The sender admitted to spending 3 to 4 hours a day collecting the needed parts from across the universe before they could come up with the final design, and we’d say the Enterloper is definitely worth it!

Look at a few more pictures of the UC Enterloper in action!

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Credit: Anonymous sender

As our Ship of the Week pick, we’ll keep the UC Enterloper featured for seven days in Starfield Portal. It will also appear in a special video that will make it into our gallery until next week.

Would you like to see your creations in this space? Feel free to upload your builds into your socials or contact us directly, explorers!

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