Photo of the Week - Lightning Strikes Outpost

starfield lightning

starfield lightning

Bethesda had good reason to equip Starfield players with the Photo Mode. With stunning, procedurally generated vistas even on intentionally barren planets, some views are worth capturing. That’s precisely what loyal fans are doing until today, a month after Starfield’s launch.

Some players are too lucky or are gifted with creativity to come up with some stunning captures, so we’re always looking for these for our Photo of the Week content.

This week, we’re featuring that you can rarely capture even in real life - lightning striking a building, in this case, an outpost.

This fantastic shot was caught by Nuge0017, who quickly posted it on Reddit yesterday. He didn’t give any details, but it appears he was standing in front and below the outpost when the lightning struck the structure.

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Credit: Reddit/Nuge0017

That’s one thing that we think made the photo stand out. There’s a cool perspective there - looking up from below to see a force of nature in action. The image wouldn’t stand out that much if it had a more level perspective.

Take note of the bluish hue and silhouette as well. These factors combined to make Nuge0017’s shot our Photo of the Week. This means this image will be featured in our gallery and in a special video that will be made available for the entire week.

Successful as it is, Starfield is still with its detractors even before it came out. One of these criticisms is aimed at the game’s otherwise clean and simple start screen.

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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Weeks before the game launched, former Blizzard developer Mark Kern panned the start screen, indicating that the game had been rushed to release despite being five years in development.

Former Bethesda senior president for publishing Peter Hines, who retired this month, responded that the start screen was designed as intended and was the first piece of content the team came up with during development.

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