Photo of the Week - Burning Crimson Fleet Pirate

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player with lava in the background

It’s now time for our Starfield Photo of the Week selection. Today, we have an excellent pick, courtesy of MissJedi6 on Instagram. Check out her image below.

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Credit: Instagram/MissJedi6

This snap was uploaded to MissJedi6’s Instagram account on September 19, last Tuesday.

There aren’t many details on the caption, which only says: “Crimson Fleet” with a heart emoji. We can only assume this burning chap is a Crimson Fleet pirate wearing the Pirate Assault armor set.

This picture appears to have been post-processed in an image editing software to overlay the flames onto the body of the Crimson Fleet pirate. However, we could not confirm this, for no details are available from the uploader.

Photo of the Week is a weekly selection where we pick the best photo and feature it in our gallery, and a special video is released every week.

Would you like to make a submission? Upload your photo on your social media account and attach the hashtag #PortalSnapshot so we can find your picture.

The sky is the limit regarding your creativity with your snaps. Just make sure that the capture is not offensive.

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Credit: Bethesda

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