Did You Know That You Could Trap Your Enemies On Your Outposts?

starfield zoo

starfield zoo

Outposts are a basic feature of Starfield that we thought we’d already understood. Yes, they are living spaces on planets in which you’re mining for resources. They’re also an outlet for players to release the interior designer hidden within their minds.

Never in our wildest playthroughs have we ever imagined that we could create a trap, similar to where Nick Fury placed Loki in the first Avengers movie, using the habs in our outposts.

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Credit: Reddit
Stay inside, gents...

Yes, this weird feature is actually possible. According to Reddit user LordSnaggle, he was on the run from two Va’Ruun zealots who followed him into his nascent outpost. Once inside, he stuns them, exits the hab, and removes the airlock.

The picture above is what happens next. The two zealots are once again up and running but cannot escape from the hab. They could only threaten that “The Great Serpent will have [him] eventually.”

Looking at the picture, LordSnaggle thought he might want to collect other Va’Ruun enemies and make a zoo out of the otherwise vacant hab.

The post inspired numerous hilarious, if not disturbing, comments. One user suggested creating an outpost on a planet with an Inferno temperature and trapping enemies where they can enjoy an environment where “the sweet relief of night never comes.”

Other users, obviously perturbed by the comment, asked the commenter if he was okay and told him to “calm down.”

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Credit: Reddit

What remains to be seen is if the same trick is possible on animals, like a Terromorph or anything small enough to fit into an Outpost hab.

There has only been one instance of a Starfield creature entering spaces we thought they weren’t supposed to. Back in September, a player noticed that he could not fast-travel. When he left the cockpit to check, he came face-to-face with a Pack Ankylosaurus that somehow invaded his ship.

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