Terraform the Red Planet With New Mod

mars starfield

mars starfield

We’ve all been fascinated by potential life on Mars. Although Bethesda’s version of Mars in Starfield is closer to what it is in reality, it shouldn’t always be the case. After all, the game takes place 200 years into the future and has mankind colonizing several planets.

This means it should be scientifically acceptable that Mars has, at the least, recovered some of its vegetation in those two centuries that passed since mankind conquered space. In Starfield, you can terraform Mars with the help of this new mod that’s now uploaded on Nexus.

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Credit: Nexus
The green, green grass of Mars.

Aptly called “Terraformed Green Mars,” this mod adds grass, coniferous forests, and trademark red dust and soil to the Red Planet. When you have this mod installed, there are also plenty of open fields for exploration.

However, the mod does not add fauna for now as the modder awaits an update for xEdit. It does add environmental factors like heavy rainfall and humid air, although their occurrences are limited only to the new ocean biomes caused by melting ice caps.

The mod also removes the toxic water pools and natural gas vents that Bethesda’s designers have put into the Red Planet. The poisonous air remains, but the modder says they could address that in a future update.

The modder also said he intends to create two more versions of this mod - Terraformed Red Mars and Terraformed Blue Mars - in the near future.

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