Starfield Lost and Found Walkthrough

Starfield Lost and Found Walkthrough

Starfield Lost and Found Walkthrough

Lost and Found is a side mission in Starfield that sees players looking for lost objects on the grounds of the luxurious hotel resort, Hotel Paradiso.

How to Unlock Lost and Found

To start the quest, fast travel to the hotel resort Paradiso on Porrima II. Once you arrive, head to the nearby hotel and speak to Dirk at the reception desk. Speak with Dirk and select 'Maybe I can help you find the lost belongings.'

starfield lost and found speak to dirk
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Use the computer and click on the 'Lost and Found' pages to begin the mission. The PC will also have a list of lost items these include the Lost Room Keycard, Thermos, Wedding Ring, and Slate., including the lost room keycard, thermos, wedding ring and s

starfield lost and found computer with item list and locations
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Lost and Found Walkthrough

To complete the mission, you need to search the hotel and the surrounding area for the missing items. You can look at a checklist of the lost belongings from the mission screen. There are no map markers for the items, and they'll show up on your HUD only if you have the quest selected as active and are within 10-15 meters.

Find the Lost Room Keycard

Use the elevator from the reception area and head to the 5th-floor 'Premium Suites.' Approach the couches near the coffee station and look for the Lost Room Keycard on the floor near the Paradiso Security guard.

starfield lost and found lost keycard
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Find the Lost Slate

The Lost Slate can be found on the Rooftop Terrace. Take the elevator to the top; when you exit, turn right and head to the corner with couches and tables. You will find the slate near the couch at the end.

starfield lost and found lost slate
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Feel free to jump down and land safely with a boost pack if you hate loading screens.

Find the Wedding Ring

Head out to the beach. The Wedding Ring can be found underneath the restaurant by the shoreline's end on the beach's left side.

starfield lost and found lost wedding ring
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Find the Lost Thermos

Run back past the hotel and make your way to the landing pad. It will have a thermos near rocks and bushes on the right side.

starfield lost and found lost thermos
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Return the Lost Items to Dirk

Return to the hotel, return the lost guest items to Dirk Huddleston, and receive Credits for returning them.

starfield lost and found return lost items to dirk
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Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our walkthrough for the Lost and Found quest in Starfield. Next up, you can pick up the quest Last Resort in Paradiso.

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