Starfield Mod of the Week - Galactic Junk Recycler

starfield junk recycler

starfield junk recycler

As with earlier Bethesda games, over-encumbrance seriously hinders players’ enjoyment in Starfield. Todd Howard may say that it’s a personal choice, but there are so many items that you could store in your inventory and forget about them in the long run.

How would you feel if there was a way that you could convert all that unused junk into resources? We know the answer; that’s why we’re recommending our Mod of the Week pick - Galactic Junk Recycler.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the mod’s description page, the Galactic Junk Recycler takes your unused items and converts them into resources. For now, the Recycler works this way:

  • Weapons change into inorganic resources
  • Armor turns into organic resources
  • Books turn into fiber and polytextile
  • Misc/Junk are changed into manufactured items that can also be scavenged

The modder, however, promises that there will be targeted mapping in the future, which will convert specific items into a particular resource.

You can build the Galactic Junk Recycler from the Outpost Builder’s miscellaneous menu. This creates a vending machine in which you can deposit your junk and from which you can instantly obtain your resources.

Aside from targeted mapping, the modder said they plan to add built-in recycling vending machines in The Lodge and Ship Workspace as well.

Bethesda has recently announced a serial roll-out of new updates that will add several new features to the game. According to the company’s post on Starfield's official Reddit, they’ll roll out updates consecutively every six weeks.

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