Starfield Ryujin Industries Questline - Guilty Parties

starfield guilty parties imogene's office empty

starfield guilty parties imogene's office empty

Guilty Parties is one of the final missions in the Ryujin Industries questline. There is a mole in this mega-corp, and you get tasked to find them. After your infiltration and subsequent hacking of Ularu Chen’s computer, it’s time to bring in Imogene Salzo.

Starfield: Guilty Parties Walkthrough

Talk to Yuko

You will not find Imogene there when you first head to Imogene’s office. Instead, you will find her assistant, Yuko. Speak with Yuko, who reveals Imogene’s location and tells you to talk with Dalton beforehand.

starfield guilty parties talk to yuko
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Speak with Dalton (optional)

Talk to Dalton to gather information on the Seokguh Syndicate Hideout, and he will redirect you to Benjamin Bayu.

starfield guilty parties talk to dalton
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Speak with Benjamin Bayu (optional)

After talking to Benjamin Bayu, he gives you an easier way to Imogene’s location. You can either use Persuasion to make him help you or perform a favor for him.

starfield guilty parties benjamin bayu dialogue
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Locate the Syndicate

The Seokguh Syndicate is behind a secret door at Frankies’s Grab & Go. You have two methods of getting access.

  • Get Frankie's security keycard.
starfield guilty parties steal frankie's keycard
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  • You can get inside the hideout via a vent on the roof. The vent can be found easily as a quest marker is on it.
starfield guilty parties use stairs to get to the top
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Make Your Way Through the Seokguh Base

Depending on your choices, this will either be a peaceful and short walk, or you'll have to use stealth to make your way through. It might even break out into a full-scale gunfight. Luckily, the enemies here are weak, but be prepared to face several of them simultaneously.

starfield guilty parties sneak through vents
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Decide Imogene’s Fate

Talk with Imogene; she will tell you her side of the story and provide evidence of her innocence. Killing Imogene will not have a significant impact on your playthrough.

starfield guilty parties decide imogene's fate
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Talk with Yuko (optional)

When you run into Yuko again, She will start a conversation about what happened. You can choose to ignore her.

starfield guilty parties talk to yuko again
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Confront Ularu (optional)

You can also choose to speak with Ularu Chen and confront her. She will tell you her story and confess that she is the mole. Here, you can choose to side with her or Masako.

starfield guilty parties ularu chen confront
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Speak with Dalton About your Findings

Return to Dalton and hand over Imogene’s slate. The dialogue will depend on whether you have confronted Ularu or not. You'll get very different dialogue options if you side with Ularu.

starfield guilty parties talk to dalton
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Side With Ularu or Masako?

  • Side with Ularu: Siding with Ularu will remove Imogene from the game. The hostiles in the subsequent mission will also be friendly to you. You will get to support Ularu in removing Masako as the CEO. You will also gain access to the mission board in your office, and the enemies on these missions will also be friendly to you!
  • Side with Masako: Imogene will be safe, and in the 'Executive Level' quest, You will have the opportunity to rally with Masako as the CEO of Ryujin Industries.

Killing Ularu Chen

You'll get the option to kill Ularu Chen when you confront her. Doing so has no negative consequences besides Dalton being mad at you. She has no valuable loot, but this way of dealing justice might not seem as satisfying as dealing the definitive blow to her in the final quest.

Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 250
  • Credits - 4800
starfield guilty parties rewards
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That concludes our walkthrough for the Starfield Ryujin Industries quest, guilty parties. Next up, we have The Key Ingredient.

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