Variety Honors Todd Howard In Most Influential People List

todd howard

todd howard

Variety has released its annual list of most influential people, and guess who is on that roster? Make way for none other than our Starfield director and Bethesda chief executive Todd Howard!

In its writeup, Variety described Howard as a successful director of “huge open-world games” that are occasionally buggy but still equally acclaimed. The blurb also describes the company’s newest open-world RPG title, Starfield, as its path to redemption following the disappointment of the launch of Fallout 76 in 2018.

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Credit: Bethesda
Todd Howard of Bethesda Gaming Studios, everyone.

Variety acknowledged Starfield's massive success, describing its 10-million player count in just two weeks after release as “victorious,” especially since there were already six million players by the time the player launched on September 6.

The publication also paid tribute to Starfield’s current status as one of the most played next-gen titles in Microsoft’s Xbox, with a million players concurrently in the console’s network.

They also recognized Todd Howard’s involvement as an executive producer in the upcoming Fallout, a live-action adaptation of Bethesda’s own Fallout series of video games.

Of course, as a tribute to Todd, the Variety piece would studiously ignore the consistently dropping player count and score in the gaming platform Steam, which critics of Starfield have been using in their mouthpieces for the past several weeks.

In any case, Starfield seems poised to make a comeback once the Christmas holidays are over. Bethesda has promised a slew of updates that will appear every six weeks that will, among others, unlock a new way of traveling throughout the galaxy.

As Paul Tassi of Forbes had said, Starfield is not yet down for the count. After all, we have that DLC to look forward to as well.

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