Cure That Dancing Itch Anywhere in Starfield

starfield dance
Credit: starfield dance

starfield dance
Credit: starfield dance

Dancing is a great way to unwind. It exercises all the muscle groups in the body, for instance. In Starfield, seeing your characters bust out their moves is an ideal way to take a break from the quests and planet explorations that make up Bethesda’s biggest open-world RPG.

The thing with Starfield, however, is that there are only a few places where you can get your NPCs to dance. For instance, one player found that Andreja actually knew how to chill out and dance when they visited the Paradiso Resort.

It would be great if we could get our NPCs to have a dance party anywhere we want, wouldn’t it? Fortunately, that’s now possible with the Everybody Dance Now - Player and Companions Can Dance mod on Nexus.

The mod will allow you to assign a hotkey that will trigger a set of dance moves from yourself as well as your NPC companions. This is done via a DANCE aid item automatically added to your inventory when the mod is installed. You can do up to four dance moves until you stop the action.

Imagine the possibilities with this mod. You can have a dance party on your ship before disembarking to do some exploring since the crew is always complete inside your vessel.

Aside from making them dance, mods can also help you avoid the incessant complaints from your crew that appear after you do just about anything in the game. You don’t like Sam Coe complaining about you shooting up that grandma? You can shut him up with a mod!

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