Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline - Absolute Power

starfield absolute power quest madame sauvage

starfield absolute power quest madame sauvage

After your first infiltration job during The Best There Is, The Crimson Fleet has another top-secret infiltration mission for you. This time, you must steal the electricity harnessing energy from Generdyne in Neon City. This mission involves a lot of stealth and some navigating through the complex power balances of Neon City. So, let's begin our walkthrough for the Starfield Crimson Fleet quest, Absolute Power.

Absolute Power Walkthrough

Travel to Neon City

The mission requires you to travel to Neon City on Volii Alpha in the Volii star system.

starfield neon city location
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Speak to Estelle Vincent at Madame Sauvage's Place

Head to Madame Sauvage's Place at the Ebbside and speak to Estelle Vincent about the assignment. She'll complain, but you can't just point her to Delgado's directives. She'll direct you to Ayumi Komiko of Generdyne and give you some information you can grab to blackmail her for access to their facility. Furthermore, she'll ask you to plant a virus for her on Breyson Bayu's computer.

starfield absolute power speak to estelle vincent
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Head to the Generdyne Office and Speak to Ji Nashina (Optional)

Head to the Generdyne Office through the elevator next to the Astral Lounge. Speak to the receptionist, Ji Nashina, about his grievances or problems with the current administration.

starfield absolute power generdyne receptionist ji
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Get Incriminating Evidence to Blackmail Ayumi Komiko (Optional)

Persuade Ji Nashina, and he'll point you to a safe in Ayumi Komiko's office, where you can find the Meeting with Bayu (Evidence) Audio Slate. You can either pick the lock or have him unlock it for you.

starfield absolute power safe with evidence
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Speak to Myka about Ayumi Komiko

Time to head back to the Ebbside and go to the Euphorika bar, where you can ask the bartender, Myka, about Ayumi Komiko. She is initially hostile, but if you choose the Crimson Fleet dialogue option, she'll quickly give up the information.

starfield absolute power speak to myka
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This is one of the few payment checks with no workarounds in Starfield, and you'll have to pay her 5000 Credits for access to the VIP Lounge.

Acquire the Generdyne Passkey from Ayumi Komiko

Head upstairs and speak to Ayumi Komiko about her Generdyne Passkey. You can use the Incriminating Evidence to have her cede to your demands or pay up to 4000 Credits more for her Passkey if you reveal the plan. Of course, you can always try to steal it or fight her, but the UC Sysdef will hear about this and punish you.

starfield absolute power speak to ayumi komiko
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Head to the Generdyne Storage Entrance

Head to the quest marker and enter the Generdyne Industries storage entrance from the backside.

starfield absolute power storage entrance for generdyne
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Proceed to Generdyne's Power Core

Walk to your right and stick to the right, slowly approaching the quest marker. Enter the first door to your left when you turn the corner and go through the opening in the ceiling above you.

starfield absolute power generdyne ceiling gap
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Make your way through the door, walk ahead, and turn right. You'll see a flight of stairs heading down with a Class A Robot patrolling the path. You can quickly kill this robot or make your way through the vent on the floor.

starfield absolute power generdyne vent on floor
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Next up, sneak behind the workers and the guard in the room and head to the left.

Head straight till you run into an open room with a guard and workers on terminals to your right. You'll want to stick to the left side and sneak through into the vent in the wall.

starfield absolute power generdyne sneak to the left
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The next vent is tricky as there's a guard right outside it. Wait for the guard to leave and make your way out of the vent. Stick to the wall on the left and enter the vent. It'll lead ahead and let you drop down to a safe spot. Proceed until you reach the elevator with the quest marker leading to the Generdyne Core.

starfield absolute power generdyne vent with guard outside
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Obtain the Conduction Grid Data

Once you're at the core, you can download the Conduction Grid Data. Unfortunately, it's encrypted, and you need the decryption key from Breyson Bayu.

starfield absolute power generdyne power core computer
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Locate Breyson Bayu

It's time to sneak around a bit more before you can reach Breyson Bayu's office. The room ahead has several civilians, guards, and a Class A Robot. Luckily, you can avoid them all if you stick to the vent on the right side.

starfield absolute power generdyne vent to bayu
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Loop around and enter the room on the opposite side. Open the maintenance vent here, and you'll find yourself face-to-face with Breyson Bayu's office door.

Gain the Encryption Cipher from Breyson Bayu

Breyson Bayu will surrender and raise his hands when he sees you. He's quite willing to help you out and wants to cause problems for his brother as long as you let him live. Just talk to him, and he'll hand over access to his computer. You can also ask about his strained relationship with Benjamin Bayu and how he hates his job.

starfield absolute power generdyne breyson bayu
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Upload Estelle's Virus

When you interact with the computer to get the Encryption Cipher, you have to upload Estelle's Virus. This isn't optional.

starfield absolute power generdyne breyson bayu computer
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Speak with Benjamin Bayu

Go to the Astral Lounge, where you're supposed to meet with Estelle. Instead, you'll find Benjamin Bayu waiting for you. He managed to detect you because of the virus you uploaded. Luckily, Estelle got away. Bayu is mad and wants to know the name of the person responsible for the virus. You have three choices here:

  • Take the blame. Bayu will be impressed and let you go as long as you leave Neon City immediately; otherwise, you'll get a bounty.
  • Blame Breyson Bayu and Benjamin will go have a "talk" with him later.
  • Blame Estelle. She'll be made to disappear, and you won't be seeing her again.
starfield absolute power speak to benjamin bayu
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Locate and Speak to Estelle at Madame Sauvage's Place

As long as you didn't blame Estelle, you can find her at Madame Sauvage's place by the Ebbside. Talk to her, and she'll be happy as long as you don't rat her out. She'll ask you for some Credits because her job got botched. She stops working with the Crimson Fleet if you don't pay her anything. She'll be happy with any other sum of Credits you give.

starfield absolute power speak to estelle
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Return to The Key

Make your way back to the Key with the Generdyne plans in hand.

Speak to Naeva

Naeva will be waiting for you at the entrance as soon as you dock and tell you about a major emergency that has popped up. This will abruptly end the quest, and you'll be onto the next quest, Eye of the Storm.

starfield absolute power speak to naeva mora
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Absolute Power Quest Rewards

  • XP - 350
  • Credits - 18800 (Level dependent)
starfield absolute power rewards
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That concludes our walkthrough for the quest Absolute Power. Now we're finally going to make our way to Kryx's Legacy in the Crimson Fleet quest, Eye of the Storm.

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