Say Goodbye to Random Locations with New Starfield Mod

no random planets starfield

no random planets starfield

Procedural generation is supposedly the strongest point of Bethesda’s latest open-world role-playing game, Starfield. This means that although planets share the same points of interest, each player's location and experience differ.

However, some players want to change this arrangement because they cannot share information like coordinates of shared points of interest and what they could do in each location. However, that will change thanks to a mod called “Consistent World - Custom Seed.”

The mod creator explained that procedural generation randomly assigns a default seed value when one creates a new character in Starfield. This seed value is the basis of generating locations and points of interest on every planet the player visits, ensuring a “unique experience” for each character or game.

With this new mod, however, the game assigns a default seed to every character in every PC where it is installed. This way, it ensures that points of interest on each planet remain the same, although the weather and creatures still spawn at random.

The modder said this can now allow the Starfield community members to share their coordinates and any tips or information they want to share with their fellow players.

Procedural generation is one of the community’s pet peeves, aside from the console exclusivity to the Xbox Series S and X and PC. Some players are particularly displeased with its implementation in barren planets, as there is wasted potential for further world-building.

There is an upcoming downloadable content (DLC) called Shattered Space, but there are no details yet on what additional content and changes it can bring to the game.

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