Showrunners Drop Hints on Lucy’s Goals for Fallout Season 2

hank the ghoul lucy fallout prime video

hank the ghoul lucy fallout prime video

According to two of the show’s executive producers, Lucy’s choice to follow The Ghoul instead of staying with Maximus and the Brotherhood of Steel will drive many events and experiences for the two characters in the upcoming second season.

Viewers were surprised when Lucy MacLean, played by Ella Purnell, decided to leave behind Aaron Clifton Moten’s Maximus in Griffith Observatory to follow Walton Goggins’ The Ghoul in the finale episode of Fallout.

ella purnell as lucy fallout finale
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These two characters have had a rough relationship in the past few episodes, and it was more than likely that Lucy would have joined the Brotherhood of Steel instead.

Two of the series’ executive producers, Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, said it boils down to Lucy’s innate curiosity about life on the surface and the truth about her biological father, Hank MacLean.

I wouldn't ever underestimate Lucy's curiosity as something that's motivating her deep down.” Robertson-Dworet said during an interview with GQ.

The showrunner explained that Lucy had had to learn the hard way throughout the season that she had been misled by her relatively comfortable life between the stones of Vault 33.

Everything she knew turned out to be a lie to varying extents, and the only person who seemed to have the knowledge she sought was The Ghoul, despite the cynicism he’d built up in the past 219 years.

Of course, Lucy has a specific motive for staying with The Ghoul instead of Maximus, who is acclaimed as a Knight in the finale.

What exactly her precise motive is is something we're very excited to dive into more in season two,” Geneva-Robertson teased.

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So far, we know that The Ghoul is following Hank to New Vegas to find out where his family is. He had promised Lucy that she’d find more answers to her own questions as well if she followed him to find Hank, who he believes is looking for the one in charge after the social order in Vaults 32 and 33 broke down in the pilot episode.

Amazon has just confirmed that it has ordered a second season of Fallout to continue the adventure of the highly successful first season. However, there are currently no details on the plot, new casting, or release dates.

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