Redditors Reveal What Mission Boards They Want in Starfield



At this point, we could agree that the scope of Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield, is both its strongest and weakest. There’s too much content in the game; navigating these can become tedious and difficult for the player.

Mission boards are one of the ways to organize this content and provide players with the means to approach them using a logical progression. With Starfield, however, players feel that there are not so many mission boards for them despite the game’s immense scope.

At the very least, this is what one can glean when they go through this discussion at the No Sodium Starfield subreddit, which was started by user Chainsawsixgun.

According to the user, he’d like mission boards for quests that players can undertake for Galbank or city-specific missions that let him commit or solve crimes. If possible, it would also be to his liking if Bethesda could create ship and outpost mission boards.

His suggestions caught some traction with his fellow Redditors. Gypsy_danger007 said they would like to have missions set or optimized for the player’s user level. Other users agreed, with user Lemiarty saying they’d appreciate level-appropriate missions and rewards.

Some users also suggested combat-less missions, like quests to find and deliver books, meds, or food. This way, they can level up those lesser-used skill trees as well. Another user, Coast_watcher, even suggested that it would be great if there were background-specific mission boards.

Fortunately, some of these mission boards are possible with mods. There’s even a mod that rewards you for building a ship according to client specifications.

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