Player Complains of Backlash As Palworld Popularity Rises

palworld starfield

palworld starfield

For us at Starfield Portal, Palworld will always be the runaway 'Pokemon game' that beat Starfield’s unbelievable concurrent player count peak on Steam when it launched in September.

Its launch figures remarkably mirror Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG - the game announced on its official X account that it had hit 8 million players just a few hours after release!

As if hitting nearly 340,000 concurrent players on Steam last Friday wasn’t enough, a quick look at Palworld’s concurrent player graphs on Steam for 2:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time shows that it has already reached a million and a half players on Steam!

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve included a graph for you to look at taken directly from the data aggregator Steam DB.

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Credit: Steam DB

These stats mean the game has overtaken Starfield’s peak and represent a meteoric rise of more than three times the initial peak of 347,499 users by 3 PM Greenwich Mean Time on Friday, January 19!

While many people are celebrating Palworld’s stellar performance during launch as they should, an X user named Bl4aze took to the social media platform to complain about personal backlash just talking about the game.

In their X post, Bl4aze said that Palworld is “slowly becoming the next Starfield” for him, explaining that they have been yelled at just for mentioning the new monster collection game on Steam. Bl4aze said they’ll avoid posting more about Palworld once their video comes out on their YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, as of today, there’s no link to such a video, nor is there a URL for Bl4aze’s YouTube channel on their X account.

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