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stafield photo of the week

stafield photo of the week

Starfield is already four months old, and it is here to stay. While it has been compared endlessly to its predecessors like Skyrim, there remains the fact that you can do stuff in Bethesda’s latest title that you couldn’t do in previous games - like the Photo Mode, for example.

Only in Starfield can you zoom the camera out to its widest settings to take stunning landscape photos featuring the various terrains of its thousand planets and moons.

You know, pictures like the one taken by CosmosThief below.

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Credit: X/CosmosThief

We can’t tell what planet this one has been taken, but this is one of those planets with a viable atmosphere for planet life. There are green mountains - by the looks of them - and broad valleys ripe for exploration.

Who knows what kind of life is down there? For now, however, let’s savor the moment of victory that this picture is meant to portray. Climbing mountains is no easy feat, whether in Starfield or real life.

You might want to check CosmosThief’s gallery in his X account post. He has three more images, including one featuring a rare sunrise in Bethesda’s most successfully launched RPG.

Photo Mode brings us some interesting content and has resulted in curious discoveries! Months ago, one player discovered that the game’s engine pours rain down only on the player’s character and not on the entire scenery.

Game developers quickly pointed out that they do this to maximize performance and minimize engine resource usage by tying the environmental effects to either the camera or the player’s character.

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