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starfield captains chair

starfield captains chair

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - with mods in Starfield, anything is possible. Mods have become a great way of overcoming glitches or allowing impossible actions. These include hijacking ships that the game’s code never intended to be commandeered, like the powerful UC Vigilance.

Many players have already complained about being unable to steal certain ships, finding out the fact only after they expended effort to board the ship and execute all the hostile crew. For these gamers, this feature is frustrating.

Well, not anymore, thanks to this mod called Seizure Of Ships - Take Over Restricted Ships.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the modder, this mod removes the restriction, making ship commandeering a free-for-all activity. Theoretically, you can seize any ship you’d like, both in space and on the ground. Of course, you’d still have to remove its crew from existence before you can do that.

In other words, as soon as you board the ship and sit in the cockpit, it’s yours for the taking. This can be done on almost any ship that you set your eyes on in Starfield.

The modder, however, cautions everyone to “commandeer responsibly.” Because this mod forcibly removes a restriction that affects the flow of gameplay, taking certain ships could break your game.

Make sure to save the game before attempting to take over a ship you’re not authorized to pilot.

Starfield rewards players who make it through the end and enter the Unity by making them Starborn, which gives them the Starborn armor and retained knowledge of the previous playthrough in the next game.

One mod, however, takes it to the next level by allowing players to start the first game as a Level 50 Starborn with 49 skill points available. They also get to explore star systems that weren’t able to in the first playthrough of Starfield.

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