Would You Recruit Your Alternate Self Into Your Starfield Crew?

starfield alternate self

starfield alternate self

The multiverse is currently a hot topic in both the scientific community and the science-fiction fanbase, and Starfield players are no exception. Some fanbase members even suggest that the upcoming DLC “Shattered Space” might bring the concept into the universe of Bethesda’s open-world RPG.

While we’re yet to discover what Shattered Space will bring, you might want to explore a tiny part of the multiverse. This is possible when you implement this mod, which brings an alternate version of you into your current universe in Starfield.

According to the modder, you must be near Contellation’s Lodge to summon your character’s alternate universe twin before you run the necessary console command. When you do, your twin will appear and walk to a neutral point in the Lodge.

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Credit: Nexus

What can you do with your twin? Well, you can recruit them into your crew! However, The modder warns that he only tested the console command in one of his characters. Thus, he is not sure if it will work for everybody.

There’s a batch file available for download, but it is not compulsory to run this mod. The console command will do, but you can download the BAT file to your Starfield directory if you need it.

If having someone who looks like you in your crew is your cup of tea, download the “Spawn Yourself From Another World” mod from Nexus.

Having your alternate self within your team is cool, but you can raise the stakes even higher by instantly unlocking all 120 Starfield’s star systems after completing NG0. The “All Star Systems Explored” mod will make that possible for you.

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