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new powers starfield

new powers starfield

Aside from first-person shooter combat, Starfield also introduces a star power feature in its latest open-world role-playing game. Players can cast powerful spells rather than using their guns to defeat enemies and monsters.

Powers need to be unlocked first, of course, before they can be used. By default, there are 24 available powers for you to discover in the main quest line. If you want more, why don’t you head to Nexus and download the More Fantastic Star Powers mod?

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Credit: Nexus

In summary, this new mod will incorporate new powers into Starfield. 9 powers can be activated using the F1 hotkey. These are:

  • Electric Wave
  • Thermal Wave
  • Cold Wave
  • Shockwave
  • Push Wave
  • Pull Wave
  • Super Sense
  • Divine Harvest
  • Black Hole

Two constant powers can be turned on or off using the F1 hotkey: the Star Connection and Night Vision skills.

Lastly, you can equip four specific powers using F1, but you can only cast them using the default power key in Starfield. These are Electric Beam, Thermal and Particle Blasts, and Cosmic Heal.

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Credit: Nvidia/Bethesda

Exciting news has just come from Bethesda itself, and it’s about a game feature we’ve all been waiting for. According to the company’s X account, they are working on an update that will, among others, incorporate DLSS3 support for Nvidia PCs into Starfield.

The update will be uploaded to Steam Beta next week, and players are invited to opt-in to the beta testing and provide feedback. Afterwards, the update will be improved according to feedback before it is officially rolled out to PC and Xbox.

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