Fallout Crosses Over to the Mighty DOOM Universe

mighty doom fallout crossover mini slayer

mighty doom fallout crossover mini slayer

Fallout fans also playing Mighty DOOM can earn a free Vault-Tec weapon skin set for the game’s Season 14, together with a special Plasma Rifle. They can also dress up their Mini Slayer with a Vault-Tec-themed skin for free.

Mighty DOOM and Fallout share several similarities, including a common publisher, Bethesda Softworks. Both games involve decimating hordes of monsters and ungainly creatures using special weapons.

It’s not surprising for two games with the same parent company to cross over; fortunately, this is happening in Season 14 of Mighty DOOM, the top-scrolling shooter developed by Alpha Dog Games for Bethesda Softworks.

According to announcements on Bethesda’s official website, players can claim a special Fallout-themed skin when they log into their Mighty DOOM game. All they need to do is check their in-game mail upon log-in and follow the instructions to claim the Vault-Tec Mini Slayer skin.

Fallout will also dominate the theme for Season 14, allowing players to earn through Battle Pass a set of 14 Vault-Tec skins for their weapons. They can also work towards a special Plasma Rifle, themed after Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG.

Aside from these season-exclusive rewards, Fallout fans can purchase a Power Armor Mini Slayer from the Mighty DOOM in-game store. This premium steel-plated Power Armor from the Brotherhood of Steel unleashes nuclear retaliation when overwhelmed by the demon horde, ensuring that you always come out on top despite an unfavorable situation.

Fallout 4 fans can now download the next-gen update for free. This update brings five new quests and new Power Armor paint schemes for all consoles, as well as Performance and Quality modes and widescreen support for PC and next-gen consoles.

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