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starfield ship

It’s been nearly four months after Starfield was launched, yet there’s still no shortage of creative ideas for outposts, ships, and other fan creations in and outside the game.

This week’s Ship of the Week pick was built with a rationale that might have been in many players’ minds but has not been acted upon.

We’re talking about a landship that’s totally based on Earth. This Facebook user, Alessandro Capretti, created a headcanon in which he refused to leave our home planet even after the tragic accident that destroyed the atmosphere.

In this case, he’d need a vessel that would protect him from the incoming radiation from the Sun while he plundered Earth of all resources that he could find. It sounds kind of like Fallout.

In any case, the massive landship Alsaides answers his needs.

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Credit: Facebook

Massive IS an understatement. As you can see from the picture, the Alsaides is a city on its own. The vessel has huge skids that support it while skimming low over the barren desert of humanity’s former home planet.

It also seems highly defendable, with the cockpit placed in a less vulnerable location and protected by the ship’s powerful armament. Pirates don’t try to board a ship on land, anyway, and they’ll be hard-pressed to try because the ship’s landing bay is so far back.

This is, so far, the most creative approach we’ve seen in building a ship - with a definite purpose and a headcanon guiding its construction. Thus, we’ve made the Alsaides our feature for this week.

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