Japanese Fan Makes Captain’s Card For Players’ Records



These days represent the digital age, but that does not mean paper records will disappear. Paper’s resilience remains evident in this printed Captain’s Card that a Japanese Starfield fan has designed and has made available for everyone for free.

According to X user futurelude, they created the card so that others like them who would like to meet other people’s captains or those who would like to share their captains with the world may be able to do so.

There’s a box on the left for the Captain’s Portrait, and futurelude says that screenshots are perfectly OK. There’s no need to draw their captains because the game already makes picture-taking possible.

You can even make your captain make a pose, if you want to, with their favorite weapon as futurelude and kajiki_hobby did.

In our opinion, it’s a nice way to meet other players online. Futurelude said they’d be happy “if the circle of creativity expanded,” as the translation said.

How about you, fellow explorer? Would you be happy to share your Captain’s information on X? If you have multiple captains, which one would you let the world see?

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Credit: X

Another Japanese fan had previously attracted our attention when he made the sweetest gesture of recreating the Shepherd’s Pie for their 25th wedding anniversary. They did have to make revisions to the recipe, though, as they used ground beef for their version of the Shepherd’s Pie.

We’re counting the days until the first Starfield patch for this year makes it out of Steam Beta and becomes officially available for download. We’re very excited about its aesthetic changes to the game, as evidenced by previously uploaded screenshots from players who participated in the beta.

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