Tune In to Tamriel’s Future During the Elder Scrolls Online Global Reveal Event

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eso 10

The Elder Scrolls Online crew began the Christmas holidays with a year-end message from Matt Firor outlining what had taken place in the community for the year and a brief run-through of the anniversary events taking place this year starting in The Netherlands in April.

Fans were also encouraged to wait for an official announcement for a Global Reveal event for 2024 at the end of the parchment, figuratively speaking.

Well, ESO fans didn’t have to wait long because Bethesda, through the Elder Scrolls Online website, has announced that the Global Reveal event for 2024 will be taking place on January 18, next Thursday. Broadcasting at 1 PM PST, the reveal will follow the Xbox Developer Direct online event scheduled for noon PST.

According to the official announcement, the Global Reveal will see the players’ adventures expand to an existing region in Tamriel. They will also see what’s in store for them as the story continues from where the Necrom Chapter left off last year.

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Credit: X/Bethesda

The event will broadcast on Twitch.tv/Bethesda and will feature Twitch Drops that give out exclusive Pyromancer’s Quandary emote icons to the attendees. However, this is only possible if you’ve linked your account in the Elder Scrolls Online to your Twitch ID.

So, set your calendars and alarms, and we’ll see you with the rest of the Elder Scrolls Online family during the 2024 Global Reveal event next week!

Aside from a year-end message, ESO communities worldwide also got together for Christmas-themed photoshoots uploaded to their individual X accounts.

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