Polis II

The Polis II is a Class C ship powered by a C32 reactor and manned by 6 crew. Fully armed with Ballistic and Laser weapons, it can jump up to 30 LY and carry 2700 Cargo and 200 Fuel. It has a Mass of 1876 and a Value of 393658.

Last Updated 12 Oct 2023 at 14:06 pm GMT
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Polis II
  • Jump Range30
  • Laser D M G16
  • Ballistic D M G178
  • Cargo2699
  • Missile D M G
  • Shield1095
  • Mass1876
  • Crew6
  • Value393658
  • Hull1284


The Polish II has Ballistic and Laser weaponry.


There is room for 6 Crew in the Polis II.

Cargo Space

The Polis II can accommodate up to 2700 Cargo.

Grav Drive

The Polis II's grav drive is powered by a Class C 32 reactor capable of jumping 30 light-years.

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