Mantis Pack

Mantis Pack is a pack worn by players in Starfield. It has a basic boost pack, increasing thermal, airborne, and corrosion resistance to protect players' back and body.

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Starfield Mantis Pack armors Image
Mantis Pack
  • Damage Reduction
    • electromagnetic 26
    • physical 34
    • energy 18
  • Resistance
    • airborne 5
    • radiation 0
    • thermal 5
    • corrosive 20
  • Value 915
  • Mass 7.5

Where can Mantis Pack be found?

Mantis Pack can be found in the Moon Denebola I-b. Players can acquire it by defeating enemies, stealing some NPC characters, and completing quests.

What build is Mantis Pack good for?

Mantis Pack comes with boost pack modification; it can boost power output, which is ideal for navigating high-gravity environments. It can also restore additional health and heal quickly; it may be suitable for demolition and melee builds.

Is Mantis Pack good?

The Mantis pack is good; however, it's heavy. It weighs 7.5, which adds to your overall weight, including your spacesuit.

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