Hunting Ankylosaurus

The Hunting Ankylosaurus is an armored dinosaur-like creature on the planet Tau Ceti II. They are believed to be the Apex Predators of the area, as they will attack other fauna as well as the player if they get too close.

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Hunting Ankylosaurus


The Hunting Ankylosaurus is Territorial in temperament.


The Hunting Ankylosaurus drops a Sealant.


The Hunting Ankylosaurus is found in the Hills of Tau Ceti II.


There is no information on the Health of the Hunting Ankylosaurus, but it is said to be very tough because of its armor plate.

Non Lethal Harvest

No, the Hunting Ankylosaurus is not a non-lethal harvest.


The Hunting Ankylosaurus can resist Energy and Physical damage because of its plated armor.


Aside from Melee attacks, the Hunting Ankylosaurus can perform a range attack that spits acid causing Physical damage to its target.

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